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Our Vision

2018-06-05 04:24:16
By Ellis

Hello everyone,

Today marks the beginning of a project that aims to provide an enjoyable and self-rewarding experience through a variety of games and gamemodes.

This project will form a network of game servers, both providing role-play and non-roleplay experiences, connected through a core community. Each game server will have its own dedicated staff team, ready to help any player or deal with any situation, as well as its own leadership team to run the game server and staff team.

In the following day or two, you will notice that our former TeamSpeak server, previously used to run our now closed Arma 3 community (http://arma-roleplay.com), has been redesigned and wiped to accommodate for this new venture.

We're constantly looking for passionate individuals to help us in creating our vision. If you think you'd be appropriate for one of the following roles or if you have a better idea, please let us know by replying to the "Interested in helping us?" message on Arma Roleplay's conversation section website, or by E-Mailing contact@ehproject.xyz :

Now on to the actual game server experiences, you're probably quite curious as to what games we're looking at. Right now, we can confirm that we're working on Garry's Mod, Arma 3 and Minecraft, with discussions in Grand Theft Auto V servers and other games. You're always welcome to suggest new ideas to us (see above).

We're really looking forward to how the following few weeks will pan out, and hope that you can help us along the way.

Regular developer updates will be posted with additional information on our progress, the founder program, TeamSpeak and other pieces of information.

Oh and if you'd like to receive notifications on any updates, use the tab on the left side of the page to sign up to our free subscriber list (you can unsubscribe at any time!).


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